What is Single Customer View in Marketing?

Today, there exist many Data-rich organizations which have spent huge investments, a significant time for building and handling CRM systems. But out of many, only very few organizations have identified their customers and grouped related info of each customer under “Single Customer View”. Besides, a considerable per cent of other companies hasn’t achieved Single Customer […]

5 Expert Tips to Boost your Customer Engagement on Amazon

Excellent customer engagement is one of the best practices to keep your Amazon business successful. Customer engagement has the aim to build a good relationship with your customers for them to support your products continually. It is mainly in the form of building brand equity or brand loyalty among your customers. This goes beyond not […]

Tips on choosing the right salesforce consulting partner

If you have planned that Salesforce is the appropriate customer relationship management for the business firm another step is searching for an appropriate consulting partner. Choose the one that easily helps you in meeting all desires. Searching and choosing a reliable and trustworthy consulting partner can be really a tough task. As today salesforce continues […]