CRM Software. Is It Worth? Pros & Cons

High end technological advances in IT generated graphical programming platforms, a breakthrough that has completely thrown hand coding back to the dust. This new platform makes it easier for non-technical developers to build applications by means of visual interface. These are referred to as low-code development platforms. This level of tech has seen a drastic […]

Unlocking customer intelligence with CRM

Customer intelligence, in short is the process of gathering and analysing information regarding customers, and their details and activities, to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve decision-making by vendors. This gathering of data can be done through various means – feedback, survey, Social Media listening, website tracking, etc. Today with smarter tracking […]

6 Ways CRM in BPO Industry Would Help Your Business

Understanding the customers these days would here require listening to all their clients and customers, resolving the one time problem. And in order to stay competitive the organizations would here require a 360 view of their clients and customers, their full history with the brand starting from the purchases to service request and every detail […]

Advantages of .NET for Business Application Development

A reliable and high-quality business web or mobile application is the key element for successful competition in the market. That’s why many businesses devote so much attention to the development tools when building their own digital solutions. .NET is one of the frameworks that is best suited for the development of flexible business applications in […]