How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Career?

No one could ever have predicted how social media would take the world by storm. The number of users grows daily. People turn to social media for different reasons other than connecting with friends and family. Others are seeing the potential for social media as a marketing tool and a way of building business and […]

Share Market Basics To Follow During Market Fluctuations

Investment has undergone a transformation since dematerialisation and digitisation of shares. It has become more comprehensible, accessible, and profitable for a novice as well as an experienced investor. Interpreting and analysing the share market is pivotal for capital enhancement and generating returns. Moreover, foreign investments are feasible in the form of bonds, shares, and foreign […]

Why You Should Be Honest About Your Weaknesses at the Interview

“What are your biggest strengths?” Job candidates love this question. They are prepared to get it during the interview, and they know what to answer. “I’m a very methodical person. I am organized and when I set a goal, nothing can distract me from achieving it. I am committed, inspired, and persistent.” That’s one of […]