3 Ways Technology is Changing the Patient Experience

The paradigm of healthcare has shifted radically since the introduction of the internet in the early ’90s. A technological advancement that set a foundational base for developments to come, it opened the door to previously unimaginable possibilities for the healthcare industry. Modern-day medicine is nearly inseparable from this technology. It is involved in every aspect […]

How On-Demand Apps Are Changing Branded Interactions

The on-demand economy has disrupted several industries very rapidly. In fact, it currently accounts for more than $57 billion in annual consumer spending. The rise of popular services like Uber has yielded on-demand apps for ordering food, scheduling medical appointments, finding dog walkers, and much more. Users have enthusiastically embraced the convenience these products offer. […]

7 Amazing Tips To Simplify Your Business Invoicing And Billing Process

When a company sells products or services, invoices must be sent, and payments must be received. The value of invoice and payment processing rises in direct proportion with the business’s number of clients. Well, there are specific examples where companies are making profits but still suffering from poor cash flow and financial management. Nowadays, companies […]