10 Main Benefits of Using Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a staple for both personal use and work use. In place of software, cloud computing allows users to use all the same apps and features without having to run the program on their computer. This makes it easier to share documents and information across computers, whether you’re sending a family member some photos or a work colleague a document.

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits, the biggest of which being the ability to store all data and information in the cloud instead of on a device. By logging into an account, this information is accessible from any device and opens up the door to remote work and endless sharing possibilities. This is far from the only benefit offered by cloud computing, though.

Start-ups, large enterprises, and individuals all rely on cloud computing technology for a myriad of reasons. No matter what they’re using it for, here are some key benefits that cloud computing offers:

#1. Speed

With cloud computing, you no longer need to download, start up, and maintain a software program in order for it to function as desired. You also won’t need to download documents, photos, or information from one platform only to re-upload and then send this information to a colleague, family member, or friend.

Cloud computing makes sharing files much faster. Even when sending information across the world, cloud computing makes sharing quick, easy, and simple from every device and for any purpose.

#2. Scalability

Cloud computing is easily scalable. If your business is rapidly growing and you need to scale your cloud-based infrastructure, it can be done in a matter of minutes. You won’t need to wait for a company to get back to you or confirm your request. You can do it all with just a few clicks whenever you need to.

#3. Cost Effective

One of the biggest concerns many people have about implementing a cloud-based system is its cost effectiveness.

While it will cost you to make the switch, there’s no question about whether or not cloud computing will help you lower your overall costs. Once you switch, you’ll see an increase in productivity and a decrease in maintenance and labor costs. Even if you keep an in-house IT team, cloud computing will lower your labor costs as the team is able to focus on other problems.

#4. Security


Some businesses are concerned about what security measures are in place for cloud computing, but compared to traditional software, cloud computing is incredibly secure. After switching to cloud computing, most businesses see an improvement in security.

Cloud computing offers some of the most robust security measures, particularly with Zero Trust security models. By assessing and verifying every access request as if it came from an unsecure or unfamiliar network, Zero Trust security anticipates breaches in security before they have the chance to become a serious threat.

Zero Trust relies on three main principles: explicit verification and authentication, limit user access, and always assume breach.

Just like with cloud computing, Zero Trust works everywhere, not just on certain devices. It’s connected to the program you use rather than the device, so whenever data or information is accessed, Zero Trust is there to assess, react, and protect.

#5. Mobile Friendly

While most businesses will rely on laptops or computers, it’s good to know that cloud computing is also mobile friendly. This allows employees to access the cloud from wherever they are. Whether they’re just checking their schedule, forgot to send information before logging out of their laptop, or just need to add a quick update to a document, mobile friendly systems are hugely important.

#6. Automatic Updates

When you use the cloud, you don’t need to worry about updating your system, whether it’s for security purposes or design purposes. All updates occur automatically and won’t impact how your data is stored and how you access it. While the interface may change, the cloud itself won’t and all your data will remain secure.

Automatic updates are a way to not only ensure user satisfaction, but to keep security measures up to date and ensure that all information stored on the cloud is secure. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about ensuring timely updates as the cloud server will take care of it all for you.

#7. Easier Collaboration

Some projects require your employees to collaborate and with cloud computing, this is easier than ever before. Even if you don’t routinely have tasks where employees must work together, having a platform that facilitates and eases collaboration improves employee productivity and engagement.

#8. Quick Recovery

Disasters happen and data can be lost, but cloud computing offers quick recovery. With as many as 20% of users claiming disaster recovery in four hours or less, cloud computing makes preparing for the worst more possible.

While you may not be able to prevent and plan for every disaster such as storms, power outages, or emergency evacuations, the cloud is there to help store and protect your data to the best of its abilities.

#9. Competitive Edge

More and more businesses are switching to cloud computing, but there are still many companies who invest in local data storage and software systems. By choosing to implement cloud computing before your competitors, you’ll be a step ahead and reap the benefits while they’re still using local solutions.

#10. Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Believe it or not, cloud computing is actually environmentally friendly. Compared to other technologies, cloud computing saves over 59 million tons of CO2 annually. By allowing for cost reductions and reduced energy usage, cloud computing is helping to pave the way towards more sustainable, eco-friendly technology.

Reap the Benefits

There’s no question about it: cloud computing is incredibly beneficial for businesses of all kinds. It’s not only scalable and fast, but it’s also secure and environmentally friendly so you won’t have to sacrifice your data privacy for a more modern solution. Working with the cloud is a great way to give your business a competitive advantage and protect your information so when you’re ready to reap the benefits, the cloud will be waiting.

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